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Tags: Kort- en langlopende opleidingen


This course introduces you to a process called quantitative sustainable design, or QSD. You will learn the fundamental principles, learn how to characterize the impacts using life cycle assessment (LCA) and compare and contrast engineering designs.

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  • Welcome

    • Welcome video

    • Meet the teachers

    • Learning objectives

    • What do you want to learn?

    • Have a look at what other students want to learn

    • Present yourself to your classmates

    • Become familiar with the learning platform

    • Good practices to use this learning platform

    • How to obtain your course certificate

  • Introduction to sustainable design

    • Intro video

    • Tracking progress towards sustainable outcomes

    • Exercise: Tracking progress towards sustainable outcomes

    • Defining the design problem and engineering tools

    • Quiz - Defining the design problem and engineering tools

    • Quiz - Quantitative sustainable design (QSD) framework

    • Quantitative sustainable design (QSD) framework

    • Benefits of the QSD framework

    • Back to our AnMBR example

    • Quiz - Benefits of the QSD framework

    • Quiz - Back to our AnMBR example

    • Reading assignment: Sustainable design of anaerobic membrane bioreactors (AnMBR)

    • Test your knowledge

    • Conclusion video

  • Life cycle assessment in sustainable design

    • Intro video

    • Video: Phase 1 - Goal and scope definition

    • Video: Phase 2 - Inventory analysis

    • Video: Phase 3 - Impact assessment

    • Video: Phase 4 - Interpretation

    • Video: Implication of design and operational decisions

    • Reading: Life cycle and systems thinking

    • Conclusion video

    • Additional LCA resource

  • Navigating the design space

    • Video: design challenge

    • Introduction to struvite recovery process

    • Key concepts in quantitative sustainable design

    • Test your knowledge: decision variables

    • Test your knowledge: choosing indicators

    • Video: decision variables and indicators

    • Exercise: matching sustainability indicators

    • Video: introduction to struvite recovery model

    • Test your knowledge: struvite recovery model

    • Video: exploring the main tab of the model

    • Test your knowledge: model parameters

    • Video: testing possible designs

    • Test your knowledge: model outcomes

    • Test your knowledge: model exploration

    • Discussion: evaluating impacts of decision variables

    • Exploring the design space

    • Test your knowledge: exploring the design space

    • Discussion: recommending design alternatives

    • Video: navigating trade-offs

    • Test your knowledge: navigating trade-offs

    • Alternative decision-making criteria

    • Test your knowledge: alternative decision-making criteria

    • Discussion: alternative decision-making criteria

    • Video: summary and synthesis

    • Exercise: reviewing terms and definitions

    • Discussion: Synthesis reflection on process

  • Conclusion

    • Conclusion video

    • What did you learn?

    • Read what others learned

    • Help us to improve this course

    • Further reading

    • Thanks to our sponsors

Type opleiding:
Kort- en langlopende opleidingen
(Bio-)ingenieurswetenschappen, Bio-ingenieur, Biomedische wetenschappen, Burgerlijk ingenieur, Gezondheidswetenschappen, Wetenschappen
2022 - 2023, 2023 - 2024
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