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Global climate change is mainly caused by emissions arising from our daily energy use. 'Think globally, act locally' is necessary to trigger urgent and drastic changes. Energy use and solutions are local, but markets and technologies are global. Finding feasible pathways to transform energy systems poses huge challenges for all of us. On the one hand, drastic change requires fresh ideas, new ways of approaching problems and the discovery of unexplored paths. On the other hand, the solid laws of physics and eternal endeavours of human beings constrain freedom of action. The programme is designed for an international and multidisciplinary audience. It suits individuals, professionals and students in developing their knowledge, skills and professional career. We welcome candidates from universities, research institutions, public institutions and private companies. The diversity of the audience has proven to be a significant factor of learning, widening scope and enhancing capabilities.


The postgraduate of Energy and Climate is innovative and unique in its approach:

  • The lectures focus on energy for the future: energy efficiency and renewable energy are studied from the energy end-use and services perspective.
  • The future is uncertain: climate change impacts will strongly depend on human action to mitigate climate change, including at technological and socio-economic levels..
  • Our future is common: the course attracts a broad audience, from non-technical scholars to certified engineers, who are all eager to explore new perspectives and approaches for addressing energy and climate issues.


Energy and Climate is a postgraduate programme of 30 credits.

  • The programme consists of 5 course modules which can also be attended separately.
  • The programme covers 60 lectures, each lasting 3 hours and 5 exams.


Lectures will be held on Wednesdays from 1.30 p.m. to 8 p.m. No lectures are scheduled during Belgian school holiday periods (autumn, Christmas, spring, Easter and summer break).

Applicants must have a university or college bachelor or master degree of at least three years of full-time study. Proof has to be given of having successfully finalised the study. Other diplomas may be taken into account for admission provided applicants can proof relevant study areas or work experience. Motivation and career objectives are also taken into account.

Applications are made directly to the organising institution, IMDO. The application process consists of two major parts.

Part 1: screening on content and level

Part 2: screening of hard copy documents on authenticity (not applicable for candidates whose degree is issued by a recognised educational institution in Belgium or the Netherlands)

Consult the application deadlines for non-EER-students and EER-students.

Type opleiding:
2024 - 2025
The teaching staff consists of academics from the University of Antwerp, other universities, scientific institutions, the EU commission, governmental organisations, and companies.

Prof. dr. Steven Van Passel

Prof. dr. Ivan Verhaert

University of Antwerp

Campus Middelheim

Middelheimlaan 1

2020 Antwerpen

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