Postgraduate Certificate Flagship Programme in Economic Diplomacy and International Business

Start op 25.09.2023

Economie, business en (publiek) management


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Tags: diplomatie, diplomatiek, diplomatic, economie, economics, business, legal, international, trade, handel


What do you learn on the programme?

No need to choose between diplomacy or international business if you don’t want to! The Postgraduate Flagship Programme in Economic Diplomacy and International Business is a comprehensive and highly specialised programme which prepares students for careers in both diplomacy and international business. Compulsory courses in Brussels are complemented with either subjects in Washington and/or Shanghai, an internship or a thesis.

This programme is not only relevant for those aspiring to a career in diplomacy and international business, it is also of particular interest to anyone who wants to be involved in developing international economic, monetary, financial and banking policy.

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The strengths of our Flagship Programme in Economic Diplomacy and International Business

  • A unique and specialised 99 ECTS curriculum.
  • A mixture of academic and practitioner led classes, designed to provide theoretical and practical understanding of the various aspects of economic diplomacy and international business.
  • Internship services: students are assisted in obtaining internships.
  • The BDA can provide references and career advice.

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Student reviews of the course
  • Aino Amanda Anttila | Student Social Sciences
    "The international nature made our discussions far more interesting and thought-provoking, and I believe that has made us more inclusive and understanding of one another."
  • Pooja Thomas | Student Social Sciences
    "It's the programme environment that makes it worth it. This level of diversity (of thoughts, opinions and jokes!) is very difficult to find at any other university."
  • Jozefien Maria Dierynck | Alumna Social Sciences
    "The professors are great and always available for discussion or to answer specific questions. I am still delighted with the choice I made three years ago and would definitely recommend it!"

After graduation

This programme is designed to maximise the chances of finding and being successful in jobs across economic diplomacy and international business including jobs in international organisations, governmental departments and diplomacy such as Trade Commissioner, jobs in trade and investment such as export manager, purchasing or sourcing manager, investment manager, account manager or business development manager; and finally jobs in banks, for example in the international trade finance department, in the international investment finance department, and in corporate relations. Finally, the programme is also of particular use to those who want to be involved with international economic, monetary, financial and banking policy making.
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Type opleiding:
Economie, business en (publiek) management
2023 - 2024

VUB Main Campus Etterbeek
Pleinlaan, 2
1050 Elsene

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