Module 7 - Dynamic Report Generation with R Markdown and Quarto

Start op 22.12.2023


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R offers many first class features for statistics and data science. One of these, is certainly Rmarkdown, that allows seamless integration of analysis (code) and text. This greatly improves reproducibility, reduces copy-paste- and others errors and enhances possibilities for automation.

R markdown offers three main types of output: pdf, html and docx. The first session introduces the basic framework, the output-specific possibilities, the bookdown-extension and the easy and rewarding move to its recent less platform dependent successor Quarto.

The second session explores some general approaches for automation (using self-built templates for report-sections or complete reports) and presents Officedown. The latter is less flexible than Rmarkdown, but offers more options for docx-output.

Target audience

This module targets anyone who wants to produce professional reports using R.

Course prerequisites

Basic knowledge of R as provided in Module 2 of this year's program is required. Knowledge of tidyverse as provided in Module 8 is helpful.

Exam / Certificate

There is no exam connected to this module. Participants who attend both sessions receive a certificate of attendance via e-mail at the end of the course.


This module is part of the microcredential 'Data Analysis in R: Basics and Beyond' that consists of three modules:

If you are planning on registering for all three modules, consider enrolling for the microcredential instead. Read more...

Type of course

This is a hybrid course.


Friday December 22, 2023, from 9 to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 4 pm.


Faculty of Science, Campus Sterre, Krijgslaan 281, 9000 Ghent, Building S9, 3th floor, Room 3.3 Konrad Zuse.

Course material

Access to slides, exercises and solutions (example code)


The participation fee is 330 EUR for participants from the private sector. Reduced prices apply to students and staff from non-profit, social profit, and government organizations. An exam fee of 35 EUR will be applied.

  • Industry, private sector, profession*: € 330
  • Non profit, government, higher education staff: € 250
  • (Doctoral) students, unemployed: € 150

*If two or more employees from the same company enrol simultaneously for this course a reduction of 20% on the course fee is taken into account starting from the second enrolment.


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Kort- en langlopende opleidingen
2023 - 2024
Dries Reynders
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