Micro-credential Ethics and Globalisation

Start op 01.10.2023

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Tags: globalisation, ethics, international political economy, trade, money, finance, political science, inequality, international relations, world politics

Who wins and who loses in our globalising world?


Certain ethical challenges of the global liberal economic and political order do not go away. Public authorities, private actors and observers alike remain faced with them, regardless of concrete policy choices or stances. This microcredential gives you in-depth insight into the normative constitution of international politics and its enduring ethical dilemmas as well as into the question of who wins and who loses – politically and economically – in our globalising world.


This microcredential consists of 2 courses.

Ethics in World Politics

1st SEM 6 ECTS-credits

International Political Economy

2nd SEM 6 ECTS-credits ​

You will become familiar with a selection of key concepts and thinkers in global ethics and acquire insight in some of the most important questions in international economic relations. You will identify the politico-ethical dimensions of international events and processes, and reflect on ethical arguments concerning global politics. You will learn how to assess different possible answers to those key questions by developing your critical reading attitude. Taken together, these objectives will enable you to assess the ethical dimension of the question who wins and who loses in a globalised world.


Maximum number of participants: 5

Type opleiding:
Kort- en langlopende opleidingen
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2023 - 2024
Jorg Kustemans

Dirk De Bièvre

Emile Van Ommeren

UAntwerp Stadscampus

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