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This webinar series provides an interactive platform to discuss and exchange best practices and develop initiatives that foster diversity and encourage global citizenship.The sessions are open to staff and students of all ENLIGHT partners as well as their respective local communities.

Diversity is a reality across Europe sparking debates on its meaning and its impacts on society. It is recent though, that universities have to take into account as an institution how diversity challenges our understanding of globalization, migration, gender, race and identity. Concepts and movements like decolonisation, Black Lives Matter, and systemic racism underline the inherent dynamics of power.

Universities, as institutions of knowledge committed to equality, have a leading role in empowering and supporting our staff and students to engage in critical discussions on concepts challenging the orthodoxy. Equally, Universities today embody diversity with a community of students and staff from multiple identities, histories and geographies. The challenge of how to ensure respect, inclusion and safety of all members of this diverse community is today’s urgent priority moving commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion into concrete practices.


Each monthly seminar (90 minutes) is hosted by one of the ENLIGHT partners.

  • Thu 21 October 2021: (U)Gent and decolonisation – a critical perspective
  • Tue 9 November 2021: Towards a socially safe academic environment, University of Groningen
  • Tue 7 December 2021: Reflecting diversity globally: Imageries of the Global South. University of Göttingen
  • Thu 24 February 2022: Supporting an ethos and culture of inclusion through the University of Sanctuary movement and programme at NUI Galway (National University of Ireland, Galway)
  • March 2022: Diversity through La Pensée Blanche (the white thought) - the limits of a conversation (Uppsala University)
  • Thu 14 April 2022: Diversity and discrimination at the university: from recognition to consideration (University of Bordeaux)

More information: ENLIGHT webinar series: discussing diversity, inclusion and racism (enlight-eu.org)

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Lezingen en studiedagen
Kunst en cultuur, Sociale wetenschappen
2021 - 2022
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