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Is being positive good for you? Tracking emotions in psychotherapy with Large Language Models

Psychological therapies strive to improve the overall emotional state of the client. Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) aims to achieve this by avoiding lengthy discussions of the problem and by focusing on the positive aspects of the client’s life. To direct the conversation towards the positive, SFBT practitioners use a number of techniques, including reframing what the client said, appreciating and complimenting the client, and asking questions that nudge the client towards elaborating on their desired future. But to what effect? If these techniques succeed, the emotional valence of the client’s speech should transition towards positive, both within and across sessions. Importantly, and as theorized by SFBT, more positive conversations should be more successful at inspiring a positive vision of the future, leading to better therapy outcomes. In this expert session Jarosław Lelonkiewicz will discuss the potential of machine learning and the implications of his research findings for psychotherapy.

Speaker: Jarosław R. Lelonkiewicz

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Lezingen en studiedagen
2023 - 2024
Jarosław R. Lelonkiewicz
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