BRUCCpro Expert Session Resilience building for Gender-diverse people



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POWER: Resilience building for gender-diverse people

The Minority Stress Model proposes that structural oppression experienced due to a certain minority identity leads to higher rates of psychopathology, especially for adolescents and young adults. This also holds true for gender-diverse persons, that is, persons who experience their gender beyond the norms or stereotypes of the sex they were assigned at birth. Notably, the rates of death by suicide among transgender youth are substantially elevated compared to the general population. Traditionally, psychology and psychiatry pathologized diverse gender, however, contemporarily, the general consensus in the mental health field is, that variation in gender identity is healthy and normal. Despite this progress, stigma and discrimination still play a vital role for chronic psychological distress in gender diverse people. Gender affirmative interventions that target the predictors or stress and improve resilience have the potential to improve mental health in gender diverse persons despite experiencing discrimination and stigma. This talk Laura Lingenti will give an overview on the construction of gender, intersectionality and gender affirmative interventions within the context of clinical psychology as well as introduce the current research project POWER.

Speaker: Laura Maria Lingenti

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Lezingen en studiedagen
Psychologie, Gezondheidswetenschappen
2024 - 2025
Laura Maria Lingenti
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