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New Waves and Contemporary Cinemas of the Global South


This course offers necessary complement to traditional curricula and historiographies of film (studies) by focusing on cinemas of the global South. It allows lifelong learners to increase their knowledge of less familiar cultural, social and aesthetic practices and models of economic organisation.

This course will look at representative instances of non-Western cinemas, particularly the New Waves and contemporary cinemas of Japan, India, Senegal, Taiwan, the Philippines, Argentina, and Brazil. We will discuss, contextualise and analyse the films of Mizoguchi, Ozu, Oshima, Imamura, Koreeda, Hamaguchi (Japan); Ghatak, Ray, Sen (India); Diop Mambéty, Sembene, Diop (Senegal); Hou, Yang, Tsai (Taiwan); Brocka, Diaz (Philippines); Favio, Solanas, Martel (Argentina); Guerra, Dos Santos, Rocha, Babenco (Brazil).

Who for?

Anyone with an interest in film (history)


This micro-credential focuses on the following learning outcomes.

1. The participant has increased familiarity with non-Western cinemas, cultures, societal models, and alternative historiographies of film.


Course number:
Short- en long-term programmes, Micro-credentials
Area of interest:
Art and Culture
Academic year:
2024 - 2025
Starting date:
Prof. T. Paulus

UAntwerp Stadscampus

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