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How to look at dance and how to theorize about choreography?


Dance is often considered to be a rather difficult art form: how to make sense out of bodies moving on stage within a choreographic composition not guided by an overarching narrative? How can dance address societal or political issues through movement? How do choreographers continuously rethink the fundamental principles of dance as an artistic medium? This micro-credential offers an intensive immersion into the emerging field of dance studies in order to provide participants with the necessary background and theoretical tools to discover new ways of looking at dance. There is also a so-called “performance trajectory” linked to this micro-credential, that is, a set of 5 performances selected by the lecturer that all participants will go to see collectively in order to discuss these works in class.

Who for?

This micro-credential welcomes a diverse and international group of participants interested in dance. It is specifically targeted at high school teachers; dance, theatre, and performing arts educators (e.g., DKO); professionals within the cultural and arts sector (e.g., dramaturgs, curators, press and communication, public outreach, etc.).


This micro-credential focuses on the following learning outcomes.

1. The participant acquires insight into the most important disciplinary and interdisciplinary methodological approaches in dance studies through close readings and critical analysis of various key texts within the field.

2. The participant can identify recent developments in dance practice and situate them in a broader historical and theoretical framework that relates the formal principles of dance (micro-level) with the theoretical, cultural-historical, and socio-political dimensions of choreography (macro-level).

Course number:
Short- en long-term programmes, Micro-credentials
Area of interest:
Art and Culture, Language en Literature
Academic year:
2024 - 2025
Starting date:
Timmy De Laet

UAntwerp Stadscampus

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