Micro-credential Cultural Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

Starts on 03.02.2025

Economics, Business and (Public) Management


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Enter the world of innovation and creativity with this course, where we explore the power of innovation in the cultural and creative sectors.


Discover how cultural entrepreneurship and sustainable business models are the keys to future transitions. Learn about the dynamics of innovation within ecosystems and the impact of design thinking on problem-solving. This course also provides deep insights into social innovation and the essential role of digitalization. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or an experienced professional, this course is your springboard to business models and entrepreneurship.


This micro-credential offers a deep dive into essential themes, including the influence of innovation in creative industries, the practice of cultural entrepreneurship, the design of sustainable business models, and the nuances of innovation ecosystems. You'll also explore design thinking, navigate the realms of social innovation, and harness the power of digitalization. Through hands-on collaboration with the Antwerp Conservatory and Sint Lukas Antwerp, you'll have the unique opportunity to develop practical business models, positioning you at the forefront of cultural enterprise and innovation.

Course number:
Short- en long-term programmes, Micro-credentials
Area of interest:
Economics, Business and (Public) Management, Art and Culture
Academic year:
2024 - 2025
Starting date:
Walter Van Andel

UAntwerp Stadscampus

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