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Tags: Opleidingen UGain (UGent Academie voor Ingenieurs)


This course will dive into creating interoperability across multiple servers and organizations, on multiple levels. We will learn how to carefully reuse domain models where possible, and how to define your own terms where necessary, according to the latest state of the art in Linked Data. Solid applies Linked Data on personal data management: instead of having to store user data on your own servers, you can rely on a storage provider that speaks the Solid specification. Challenges that can be solved with Linked Data arise from the moment multiple apps read and write from the same storage. Techniques will be discussed to provide cross-app interoperability across open, shared, as well as personal knowledge graphs.

This course teaches you:

  • A basic understanding of Linked Data
  • A basic understanding of Solid
  • A basic understanding of semantic reasoning and streaming
  • How to publish Linked Data
  • How to set up the Community Solid Server
  • How to create queries over Linked Data
  • How to design and publish Linked Data vocabularies
  • How to generate Linked Data from non-Linked Data using
  • How to create interoperable Linked Data in Flanders and Europe
  • How to create a Linked Data architecture using Linked Data Fragments and Linked Data Event Streams
  • How to validate Linked Data using SHACL and ShEx

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Course number:
Short- en long-term programmes
Area of interest:
AI and Data Science, Civil Engineer, Engineering Technology, Sciences
Academic year:
2024 - 2025
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