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You find it hard to assess what information is correct? You miss a bigger picture?
Are you feeling the pressure to upskill in AI, even though you don't have a background in it? You're not alone. Many developers are facing this challenge, but since you're great self-learners you continuously improve your skills by reading blogs, coding, and collaborating with colleagues.

However, navigating the vast amount of information available can be overwhelming, and the lack of a proper framework makes it challenging to interpret this information correctly. Additionally, there is a lot of misinformation out there, making it difficult to separate accurate information from incomplete, unclear, or misleading information.

Since going back to school for a degree in AI may not be a practical option for many of you, as it can be too theoretical and not directly applicable to your work we want to explore a new learning technique with you: a single day of training where you focus on solving a concrete problem which provides a framework for learning new concrete AI techniques.

You are a software developer or researcher with a need to learn more about AI.
Prior knowledge of Python is required.

The teaching material is oriented around very concrete hands-on programming challenges. Each challenge aims to explain a certain AI technique. However, they are formulated as a challenge for which where classical methods fall short.

Language:  English 
Location : AI Experience Centre VUB or AI Experience Centre of BeCentral

This programme is a collaboration between VAIA and VUB - AI LAB.

More info on the VUB website

Lectures and study days
Academic year:
2022 - 2023
Starting date:
Johan Loeckx
Contact person:

FARI Test and Experience Centre
Centre Kantersteen, 10/12,
1000 Brussel

Location can be modified

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