Lecture: Dictatorship, Revolution, War: The End of the Post-Soviet Vicious Circle?



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° LEZ023 EN
Tags: Diversiteit , Geschiedenis , Oekraïne


Volodymyr Ishchenko will discuss the concepts of caesarist rule, passive and Jacobin revolutions and hegemony crisis in relation to the post-Soviet condition. He will examine the crisis caused by the incapacity of post-Soviet political capitalists to provide any stable alternative to the degraded Communist hegemony thirty years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. This hegemony crisis is crucial in understanding the threats, opportunities, and resources for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The question is now whether the latter will create the conditions for a new cycle of social revolutions in the post-Soviet space.


This lecture is part of a larger international summer school, organised by the Department of Conflict and Development Studies and the Department of East European Languages and Cultures in collaboration with the Humanities Academie and the Academy for Political and Social Sciences.

Want to learn more about Ukraine? Check the dynamic reading list (both fiction and non-fiction) on Bibliotheek De Krook's website:

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Language en Literature
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2021 - 2022
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Volodymyr Ishchenko
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