AI en Data Science


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° DA22-23 Engels
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Why data analysis?

The power of data and the information therein is entering the heart of almost any section of society. We are discovering that processes can be better understood and controlled, predictions made, causal effects estimated and decisions optimized. Reliable results follow when studies have been appropriately designed, data carefully gathered and analyzed. Scientists and professionals stay ahead if they keep learning from their data. They add tremendously to their market value when data analytic skills merge their subject matter expertise.


We aim to provide insight in the basics of statistical research while developing the technical skills to come to results with statistical software. Blended learning with hands-on sessions on PC’s or laptops allows participants to gain firsthand experience in applying the knowledge.

Target audience and adaptive training trajectories

Our courses target professionals and the academically trained, who wish to become confident data analysts, refresh their knowledge or discover new areas of research. The program’s modular architecture facilitates flexible entry and adaptive training trajectories.

Program 2022-2023


All information and the registration form are available on the website of the Academy for Lifelong Learning of the Faculty of Sciences (ICES, UGent)

KMO portefeuille

The "KMO-portefeuille" is a support measure of the Flemish government. It offers financial support to entrepreneurs for training and consulting.

Ghent University is recognized as a service provider. This way you can save up to 30% on the registration fee for our trainings.

Type opleiding:
Kort- en langlopende opleidingen
AI en Data Science, Wetenschappen
2022 - 2023
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