Trends in reconstructive dentistry: a view from Switzerland



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Reconstructions are placed with the aim of providing patients with new teeth in order for them to chew, speak, smile and maintain prosthetic intimacy. To turn the patient’s needs and desires into a reality intense communication is required between the patient and the care providing team during the process of treatment planning. Modern radiological and clinical diagnoses include anatomical as well as prosthetic aspects. Capturing of patient data encompassing intra- and extra-oral scans as well as 3-D radiographs combined with computer aided planning software allow mimicking the desired end result already during the planning phase. Subsequently, initial cause related therapy is provided, after which surgical interventions are executed including the regeneration of lost hard and soft tissues and the placement of implants. Contemporary strategies aim at reducing therapeutic invasiveness of these interventions thus decreasing patient morbidity and shortening healing times. Following a phase of temporization allowing the tissues to heal the final reconstructive treatment is initiated. Again, the principle of reduced invasiveness mandates the conservation of sound tooth substance as much as possible. Here, digital technologies may replace many of the traditional steps necessary for capturing patient data and for fabricating the planned reconstructions. Whereas many materials used for dental reconstructions may be processed either by conventional of by digital manufacturing processes, some newer materials including zirconia are primarily processed by computer aided manufacturing. Following delivery of reconstructions patients are enrolled into a maintenance care program ideally specifically tailored towards the patient’s individual needs. Over time, patients are closely monitored in order to detect early changes, to treat occasional complications and prevent failures as much as possible.


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