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Antwerp Philosophy Lecture by Willem Styfhals


Philosophers have traditionally ignored the material dimensions of their intellectual practice. Whether we write on paper or on our computer, whether we think in the solitude of our room or discuss our ideas in public spaces, whether we give shape to our thoughts by drawing complex schemes or by putting them on a PPT-slide, this seems immaterial to the actual content of our thoughts.

This lecture will challenge this presupposition by focusing on these non-conceptual dimensions of philosophical thinking. More specifically, it will present an alternative history of modern philosophy by tracing the architectural conditions of thinking. Not a history of big thinkers or ideas but one of small spaces and tiny rooms. Following Virginia Woolf’s feminist classic A Room of one’s own, one should not only ask whether a thinker or writer needs a space to retreat but also how this space itself can actually think.


Start lecture at 7.30 p.m.

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Lectures and study days
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Philosophy and Ethics
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Willem Styfhals (Institute of Philosophy, KU Leuven)

Universiteit Antwerpen Stadscampus, Gebouw R, lokaal R.007 in Rodestraat 14 2000 Antwerpen

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