Lecture ‘The receptor for advanced glycation end-products (RAGE) is an important pattern recognition receptor (PRR) for inflammaging’



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Tags: Biomedische wetenschappen , Geneeskunde , Tandheelkunde en mondzorg , Verpleegkunde en vroedkunde


As a researcher, it is becoming more important to look beyond the borders of your area of expertise. Interdisciplinary collaboration can provide new insights to pressing research questions.

With this in mind, the Scientific Research Committee and the departments of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences organise 'Interdisciplinary Medical & Health Seminars' together.

Both state-of-the-art fundamental (bio)medical research as well as translational and clinical research are discussed.


Advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) are molecules resulting from the non‑enzymatic interaction between proteins and sugars and are involved in processes such as diabetes or aging. Their main receptor, the receptor for AGEs (RAGE), is a pattern recognition receptor which binds with numerous ligands and promotes inflammatory responses, which have a central role in ageing in the context of inflammageing.

Our work is focused on the role of dietary AGEs on aging and on the effects of RAGE modulation on vascular and renal aging in mice. We demonstrated that dietary AGEs accelerated MRI pulse wave velocity and reduced aortic ring relaxation in a RAGE dependent manner.

Our results showed that while dietary AGEs had little effect on renal ageing, RAGE deletion largely reduced age-associated renal glomerulosclerosis, amyloidosis and inflammation.

We suggest that RAGE has an important role in inflammageing and we are now designing RAGE antagonists.

  • Guest speaker: Prof. Eric Boulanger (Lille University, France)
  • Organiser: Department of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, Ghent University
  • Host: Prof. Debby Laukens

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2021 - 2022
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