Lecture ‘Finding the sweet spot of prostate-specific antigen’



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As a researcher, it is becoming more important to look beyond the borders of your area of expertise. Interdisciplinary collaboration can provide new insights to pressing research questions.

With this in mind, the Scientific Research Committee and the departments of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences organise 'Interdisciplinary Medical & Health Seminars' together.

This annual seminar series consists of 10 thematic lectures with attention to complementarity between different research areas and their applications. Both state-of-the-art fundamental (bio)medical research as well as translational and clinical research are discussed.

To ensure that the lectures are representative for the diversity of research within the faculty, each department chooses one international top speaker.


As an early screening method for prostate cancer (PCa) the concentration of the glycoprotein prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is measured in serum. Unfortunately, this test exhibits low sensitivity, specificity and a poor predictive value. Literature suggests that specific alterations in the glycosylation profile of PSA may provide a solution for a more specific, yet, non-invasive PCa diagnosis.

To gain a better understanding of the glycomic alterations on PSA (e.g. antennae modification and core fucosylation), this study is focused on the in-depth analysis of the PSA N-glycome derived from the circulation in a highly sensitive manner. Preliminary results revealed that a concentration of 3 ng/mL PSA (from 4 mL plasma), resulted in the identification of 10 PSA glycoforms, including differently linked sialic acids. Further endeavors are focused on the diagnostic and prognostic potential of altered PSA glycosylation derived from plasma for the early diagnosis of PCa as well as for the differentiation between aggressive and indolent PCa.

  • Guest speaker: Dr. Guinevere S.M. Lageveen-Kammeijer
  • Organiser: Department of Basic and Applied Medical Sciences
  • Host: Prof. Sylvie Rottey

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2022 - 2023
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Campus UZ Gent

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