Lecture ‘Cellular crosstalk in the muscle micro-environment: implications for exercise and rehabilitation’



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As a researcher, it is becoming more important to look beyond the borders of your area of expertise. Interdisciplinary collaboration can provide new insights to pressing research questions. With this in mind, the Scientific Research Committee and the departments of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences organise 'Interdisciplinary Medical & Health Seminars' together. Both state-of-the-art fundamental (bio)medical research as well as translational and clinical research are discussed.


The laboratory of associate professor Katrien De Bock focuses its research on investigating how endothelial cells rewire their metabolism during angiogenesis and how endothelial cells communicate with other cells in their microenvironment to maintain or establish organ homeostasis. Specific interest goes to deciphering mechanisms of blood vessel growth and endothelial metabolic crosstalk in the muscle following exercise and/or muscle injury. In this seminar, she will also discuss her recent work on the role of the ATF4 transcription factor in exercise-induced angiogenesis.

  • Guest speaker: Associate prof. Katrien De Bock
  • Organiser: Department of Movement and Sports Sciences
  • Host: Prof. Wim Derave

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2021 - 2022
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