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° GA098-Cyber-seminar EN
Tags: Criminologische wetenschappen , Rechtsdomeinen


The rapid advancements in information technology have brought about a new realm of security challenges, blurring the lines between cybercrime and cyberwarfare. This workshop will delve into the complex and evolving landscape where these two domains intersect, giving rise to what can be referred to as the "grey zone”. Within this grey zone, the traditional boundaries separating criminal activities and acts of warfare become increasingly difficult to define.

The workshop will explore the intricate nature of cyber operations, where criminal activities may share striking similarities with state-sponsored hacking campaigns, blurring the distinction between cybercriminals and cyberwarriors. By shedding light on this grey zone, this workshop aims to stimulate further research, policy development, and (international) cooperation to effectively address the challenges posed by the convergence of cybercrime and cyberwarfare.

The public sessions will be followed by academic sessions in the format of a round table for a selected group of academics, public entities, and private players (invitation only). As such, the round table will function as a platform to discuss the hot topics and issues the stakeholders deem most crucial to address. It aims to foster insightful debates, encourage the exchange of ideas, and pave the way for innovative approaches to address the complex issues at the forefront of cybercrime and cyberwarfare.


Doors open at 8h30

9h00: Welcome speech, by Prof. dr. Jelle Janssens (UGent)

9h10: Contributions of inter alia:

  • Gen. Maj. Michel Van Strythem (Head of the Belgian Cyber Command)
  • Prof. dr. Hedi Nasheri (Kent State University)
  • Nicolas Ott (Manager of Government Affairs at Microsoft)
  • Caroline Frère (Head of the Federal Crime Computer Unit of the Belgian Police)
  • Ir. Yvan De Mesmaeker (Secretary General of the European Corporate Security Association (ECSA))
  • Prof. dr. Shlomo Shpiro (Bar-Ilan University)
  • Catherine Piana (Director General of the Confederation of European Security Services (CoESS))

12h50: Closing remarks

Light lunch

14h30: Round table - academic sessions: "Cybercrime & Warfare: Hot Topics"

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Lectures and study days
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Law, Social Sciences
Academic year:
2023 - 2024
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