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Round-table discussion and Masterclass


Researchers and professionals in the field of architecture and urbanism explore artificial intelligence for architectural design.

Participants will learn about the potential, limitations and common pitfalls of AI in architectural design. They will gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills via interdisciplinary debates, keynote lectures and classroom exercises, under the guidance of invited experts.



This two-day masterclass will be taught by David Andres Leon, the head of IAAC's computational design unit in Barcelona, and an assistant. The masterclass guarantees close guidance in a small group with a high teacher/student ratio. The schedule includes networking opportunities and catered lunches.

Participants will learn concrete tools and practical applications to explore the potential of AI techniques in architectural design. Attention will also be devoted to the limitations and common pitfalls of these techniques.

Friday 12 May, 09:30 - 17:30

Saturday 13 May, 09:30 - 17:30

In this part we will go over the 3 main categories of machine-learning with an architectural application. After a conceptual explanation of each of the algorithms, we’ll share ready-made Python notebooks with the participants which we will go through step by step with practical explanations of each section. That way, participants will be able to understand and add to the code in order to make the exercise their own. Rhinoceros will be used as the graphical interface.

  • Intro to the course - topics and concepts that will be covered, requirements, case-studies
  • Machine Learning Fundamentals - basic knowledge and terminology (theoretical)
  • Programming Basics - algorithmic thinking, why Python?, Python basics (practical)​
  • Unsupervised Learning (e.g. means clustering for geometry segmentation)

  • Supervised Learning (e.g. neural network for geometry classification)

  • Reinforcement Learning (e.g. DQL for path finding)

Round-table discussion

Attending the round-table discussion the day before the masterclass is optional, but highly encouraged due to the networking opportunities and the synergy between researchers and professionals it presents.

Thursday 11 May, 14:00 - 18:00

The round-table discussion will be opened with a keynote lecture from a - soon to be announced - expert in the intersection of AI and architecture. The whole afternoon is meant to be a highly interactive afternoon where participants learn from each other and reflect on the position of AI within the field of architecture. Participants will be asked to give a 2-minute presentation about themselves and whether they have pre-existing knowledge in AI or not. Several broader concepts will be discussed, such as: “the future of AI in architecture”, “AI in practice” and “AI in design versus the overal AEC process” under the moderation of experts in this field, including David Andres Leon, the head of IAAC's computational design unit.

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Lectures and study days
Area of interest:
AI and Data Science, Architecture and Design
Academic year:
2022 - 2023
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David Andres Leonis the head of the computational design unit at IAAC in Barcelona. He is an architect with focus in the research and development of computational tools for Architecture, Construction and Design.

David holds a Master of Science Degree from the Institute for Computational Design and Construction (ICD) in Universitat Stuttgart and a Masters Degree in Advanced Design and Digital Architecture from the Escola Superior de Disseny i Enginyeria de Barcelona (Elisava). He has been involved in several research undertakings of which stand out his participation in German research platform FAT-LAB in Stuttgart and his collaboration as a research assistant in the Centre for Information Technology and Architecture (CITA) for the EU-Horizon 2020 Future and Emerging Technologies Proactive Action project Flora Robotica. David is also the co-author of various publications in the field of architectural research and robotics.

Venue: University of Antwerp, Conference Center Hof van Liere

Address: Prinsstraat 13, Antwerp

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